These Are The frequently asked questions by our customers. If you have any questions that are not
among them, please feel free to ask us through the direct chat on our home page, or through email.

IPTV stands for Internet Protocol Television. It  allows television signals to be transmitted over the Internet, instead of through traditional broadcasting methods.

All you need to get access to IPTV Channels, Movies & Series is a good internet connection – at least 4.0 Mbps-, a Smart Device  (Smart Tv, Android box, Mag….) and our IPTV subscription.

You can subscribe to our service by visiting our website and selecting a subscription plan. Once you have completed the payment process, you will receive the login details for your IPTV account.

Right after you complete the payment on our checkout page, you will receive an email from us with the necessary info (code or link or login info, depending on the kind of device you have). You enter those info and you can start enjoying countless channels, movies, VOD, series..

IP TV works on ALL devices. Smartphones, Tablets, Smart TVs, Box TVs, or even on PCs and MAGs and compatible receivers.

No, You will not need satellite for IPTV. Sfastiptv servers are connected via the internet.

No, you can’t use more than one device on the same subscription at the same time. However, you can ask for a second subscription for a discounted price.

IPTV does not need any special equipment or material to operate.

Yes, because you have access to many apps through the android google plays tore, which will make your TV interactive.

Check your internet connection and restart your router.
Check the device settings ,where you’re using your Sfastiptv service. If the problem persists it means that your ISP is blocking the IPTV traffic. Test with other ISP connections.

Sometimes buffering is due to low internet speed or high internet traffic. In this case just press “Pause” for 15 seconds and resume watching.

We accept credit card payments and Paypal payments.